About the Company
  We welcome the opportunity to tell you about our company. We would like the opportunity to become your direct mail source. The following are just a few reasons why you should choose Crell for all of your direct mail advertising needs.
Crell has over 45 years of experience in direct mail with a weekly production of over 1.5
L. Castaldi Sr.
  million pieces. We hold the Post Office privilege
of optional procedures. Our database holds over 2.5 million resident addresses and carrier route walk sequences.

We are the only direct mail company in the Delaware Valley that has a resident list for southern Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey and Delaware on our own in-house database. This list is updated every two months through participation in the United States Post Office's CD's program. We are also a broker for specialized lists, such as name lists. We are a participating member of N.A.A.D. (The National Association of Advertising Distributors). We also have access to resident addresses anywhere in the continental United States.

We are experts in the following classes of mail:

First Class
Second Class
Third Class
Bar Code Automation and Bar Code Flats
Crell utilizes the following steps for preparing your mail:
We prepare a list based upon the areas you wish to mail. We then use this data to generate mailing labels.
Your mail is then labeled in walk-sequence order, sorted, tied and placed in a mailbag by carrier route, which has been tagged for the Post Office.
Our next step is to prepare the proper Post Office paperwork 3602's, dated statements, and optional procedures.
The final step is to transport your mail from our facility to the Post Office for distribution.
If you have any other questions you can contact one of our sales representatives. They will be looking forward to hearing from you and guiding step-by-step through the bulk mail process


Leonard Castaldi, Sr.

Crell contracts with AIT Computers
for corporate network restructuring
Crell contracts mminguez.com for
direct mailer design.
Due to an anticipated 4th quarter
growth Crell activity seeks bids on
automated folding and insertion
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